mini fridges

Mini fridges, compact refrigerators, portables fridges minifridges and mini freezers. These compact refrigerators range in size from 1.7 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet. This page is the complete guide to the world of mini fridges.


The simplest mini fridges only have storage features, such as pop can dispensers. These allow you to stack 4-6 pop cans in the door and easily grab a new can from the bottom of the stack. The mini fridge door lock is another simple feature found in some models. This is adequate for most mini fridge users, but you should be aware of features implemented on more expensive models.

For instance, many models now have freezer compartments in them. This provides a small space at the top of the fridge to store ice cube trays or freeze a few items. The more advanced models even have auto defrosters. The highest end models provide ice makers, which can be accessed externally from the appliance.

Most mini fridges are less efficient than traditional refrigerators. However, even though mini fridges are small, their cost can add up, and looking at energy efficiency is a good way to save money. A few models are even Energy Star certified. That's good for your pocket book and the environment. If you are planning to run your mini fridge for long periods of time, it might be worth paying extra for an efficient model.

Another feature that all mini fridges have is their temperature control mechanism. The simplest fridges have internal mechanical controls, where the user can pick a temperature setting. More advanced models have electronic controls, which may be placed on the outside of the minifridge.


There are many appliance makers that have lines of mini fridges. Frigidaire and GE (General Electric) are some of the larger mini fridge makers. Haier mini fridges are very popular, they mostly make simple mini fridges with good prices. KitchenAid mini fridges are usually high end, you can expect wider ranges of finishes and features from a KitchenAid mini fridge.